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Patient Review 1:

Continuous self consiousness about my teeth - this is what drove my search for a good cosmetic dentist in my area. My front upper teeth have been crooked and yellow stained since I can remember. Well I was not one of those blessed with perfect teeth, so I had to seek dental help. After consultations with three different doctors, my search was over. Picking Dr. Kumar's office was a slam dunk. Their office in Santa Clara is really neat, new and modern with all digital stuff. Their staff is super friendly and the doctor is amazing. She took time to first understand my concerns and offered Lumineers as a treatment option and explained how it is more advanced than the regular Veneers since there is no need to shave off good tooth structure. Fast forward 3 weeks after 1st visit and I can not believe my smile. This whole saga reminds me of an extreme makeover TV series. Based on my experience I can tell that Dr. Kumar is a perfectionist and detail oriented. I am not exaggerating when I say my smiile is now amazing and my life has changed (sorry this is such an emotional thing for me). Nothing against my previous dentist but of course Dr. Kumar is now my regular dentist. Thank you ACCU Dental, Dr. Kumar & your great staff

About Hygienist: I had my first cleaning done by the hygienist in this office and Phuong is good fit with the rest of the staff. I feel they have assembled really good people overall. The cleaning was a breeze, Phuond is gentle and instantly puts you in comfort zone. She was so friendly like everyone else. Treatment Length with Dr. Kumar: 4 month.

Dental Procedures and Cost Estimate

  • Initial Exam & X-Rays. Insurance Portion ($): 100%.
  • Cleaning. Insurance Portion ($): 100%.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry. My Portion ($): payment plan.
  • Insurance Company: Metlife
Patient Review 2:

Before I went to see Dr. Kumar I had not been to the dentist in over 3 years. Not even for a cleaning! I loathe going to the dentist and I put it off for way to long. My experience at Dr. Kumar's office was great from start to finish and most importantly pain free. Dr. Kumar and her staff were very professional, they put my mind at ease right away and my appointment was fast and pain free. My wife was very impressed with my new smile and I look forward to future visits to keep it looking great!

Patient Review 3:

My experience with Dr. Kumar is always pleasant and virtually painless. The cost is fair, the billing efficient, and help with insurance is always given quickly and accurately. Dr. Kumar is professional, friendly, and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease, making my visit to "the dentist" enjoyable. Another perk to a visit to Dr. Kumar's office, is interacting with her fantastic receptionist. If you're someone who dreads the dentist, I don't think you'll feel that way after a visit to this office.

About Hygienist: There have been a few hygienists that have worked on my teeth, and they've been another exceptional part of this office. Not only are they good at what they do, but they help you with a smile. You can tell that they enjoy their work.

Patient Review 4:

Iv'e been very pleased with my overall experience with Dr. Kumar. Her whole staff is very friendly. Jessica at the front desk is very helpful with all of my billing inquiries. Phong the Hygienist is delightful. One unique touch about Dr. Kumar is that she personally calls to follow up on any procedures. This personal touch is respected and appreciated in my book.

About Hygienist: Phong is very gentle and makes you feel relaxed during the cleanings. She is easy to talk to and very good at what she does. I really liked how she flosses my teeth for me even after she does a cleaning.

Patient Review 5:

Dr Suman has been good dentist and have been systematically working with me on cleaning, etc.. but sometimes they use little 'what if' fear scenario on things that could be better addressed otherwise E.g. What if I don't replace the crown caps .. They are also insurance driven (most Docs are) which could work better if you have really need the Dental work for that year or it could work against you if the work is not needed or deferred

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